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HUMAN ENCOUNTERS IN THE MOVIES  (from "Open Spaces," 1999)



Beyond Outrage, or How I Learned to Enjoy Films that Make Fools of Psychiatrists (1999) (films: Analyze This, Don Juan DeMarco)

Freud's Far Reach on Film (1999)   (film: Eyes Wide Shut)

Psychiatry Sixties Style, Interrupted (2000) (film: Girl, Interrupted)
Me, Myself and L
aurie: NAMI Takes on Hollywood (2000) (film:Me, Myself and Irene)

Teen Suicide (2000) (film: The Virgin Suicides)

Good to the Last Drop: the Sophisticated Cinema of Alcoholism (2000) (films: Clean and Sober, Georgia, My Name is Joe, Once Were Warriors, 28 Days)

Our War Against the Western Hemisphere (2001) (film: Traffic)

Dance of Dissociation (2001) (film: Dancer in the Dark)

Treating Tony Soprano (2001, 02, 03, 05) (TV series: The Sopranos)
Feeling Your Pain (2002, 03) (film: The Piano Teacher)
How Do You Film a Delusion? (2002) (film: A Beautiful Mind)

Humor and the Holocaust (2002) (film: Divided We Fall, others)
The Anatomy of Comedy (2002) (films: Funny Bones, others)
Measuring the Hours (2003) (film: The Hours)
Big Brother (2004) (film: Stevie)
Acting Just Like a Patient! (2004) (films: Shine, others)
Junkie Epiphanies: East and West (2004) (films: Quitting, Drugstore Cowboy)
Some Light at the End of the Tunnel (2005) (film: Out of the Shadow)
Angels: A View from the Spiritual Left (2005) (film: Angels in America)
The Soul of a Pedophile (2005) (film: The Woodsman)
Who Owns Your Body: You, Your Family or the Government? Notes from a Film Junkie's Road Journal (2005) (films: The Sterilization of Leilani Muir & The Self-Made Man)


How Do You Film a Delusion? (II) (12/2003) (films about Schizophrenia: Spider, A Beautiful Mind )
Friedmans Caught. Truth Still at Large (01/2004) (film: Capturing the Friedmans)
Gamblers on Screen? Just a Few Worth Betting On (02/2004) (film depicting gambers: Owning Mahowny, The Gambler, Rounders, Croupier)
A Ride on the Ferris Wheel (03/2004) (film: Monster)
The "Tricky Intimacy" of Psychoanalysis (04/2004) (film: Empathy)
Rooms in the House of Grief (05/2004) (films about bereavement: Moonight Mile, In the Bedroom, The Son's Room)
More Rooms in the House of Grief (05/2004) (more films about bereavement: About Schmidt, Under the Sand, Love Liza, In America)
War, Sanity and Asylum (06/2004) (films on the mental hospital during war: King of Hearts, House of Fools)
Searching for Community (07/2004) (films on adults with developmental disabilities: Our House, Best Boy, The Collector of Bedford Street)
Northwest Passages: Two Adventures in Personal Growth (08/2004) (films: What the #$*! Do We Know!?, Group)
Summer Shocker (09/2004) (film: Shock Corridor)
Lovesick: The Quirky Romance Films of Patrice Leconte (10/2004) (film: Intimate Strangers, others)
Dream Weavers (11/2004) (film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
All That Glitters: Bringing Back Metallica (12/2004) (film: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster)
Too Close For Comfort (01/2005) (film: Closer)
The 'Comedy of Neurosis' After Woody (02/2005) (films: Sideways & Garden State)
Vets and the VA: Another Kind of War Story (03/2005) (film: Article 99)
Trauma and Transformation (04/2005) (films: Fearless, Regarding Henry)
All About My Mother (05/2005) (films: Out of the Shadow, Tarnation)


Shrink Wrap: The Best and Worst Psychiatrists on Film (08/2005)

How Many Roads Must a Kid Walk Down...
(10/2005) (film: No Direction Home - Bob Dylan)